Solar Powered Audio Bible Players with microSD

Mission Gear: Audio Players

The UN reports that over thirty countries have illiteracy rates above 30%. Some argue that over 50% of the world is functionally illiterate. They may not be able to read, but they can hear, and given the opportunity many would gladly listen to God’s Word.

The Digital Bible Society is honored to offer discounted prices for MegaVoice Players loaded with Audio Bibles in over 1000 languages. Each audio player comes with an Audio Bible of your choice from Faith Comes by Hearing or preferred Bible Society. There are several different players to choose from and quantity pricing is available.

MegaVoice is known the world over as the leading source of solar audio Bibles for the illiterate and unreached peoples of the world. The players are rugged, time-tested, easy to use, and provide tamper-resistant audio. The solar-powered MegaVoice players offer a variety of functions and will play up to 800 hours of audio.

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  • MegaVoice Envoy-2 S

    MegaVoice Envoy-2 S

    The Envoy S – one of MegaVoice’s most innovative and intuitive solar digital audio players yet. Cost effective and smaller than an iPhone, the 2.4 ounce Envoy S is lightweight...
    Qty Price
    1 - 4 $39.00
    5 - 19 $34.00
    20 - 99 $30.00
    100 - + $27.00
  • MegaVoice Envoy-2 S-Dual

    MegaVoice Envoy-2 S-Dual

    The Envoy S-Dual Audio Player is a favorite for those desiring to deliver two synced audio Bibles for two different languages.  Envoy S Dual. Cost effective and smaller than an...
  • MegaVoice Envoy Ember

    MegaVoice Envoy Ember

    Although the solar powered Envoy Ember is the most basic member of the E Series, it has many of the same features as other players in the line. FEATURES: Solar...
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