Projectors with Solar Powered BatteriesMission Gear: Projector Systems
It is now possible to share the Gospel of the Kingdom in thousands of languages - in small groups or large with the help of projection technology.

The good news is that we no longer have to truck generators and projection systems to share films like “JESUS.” A vastly improved system can now be carried in a backpack and powered by a battery that fits in your hand.  The new projector no longer plays one reel-to-reel movie but a thousand different movies from a microSD chip.

Church planters and missions groups are discovering that with the right gear they can easily share the Gospel in a matter of minutes with the few or with the many.

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  • MG1: Small Pack Projector

     MG1 small pack projector w/screen, tripod, speaker, battery pack, adapter, cover FEATURES AAXA P700 WXGA LED pico projector Portable projector screen blackout cloth, 120 inches 60-Inch lightweight tripod with bag Portable bBluetooth...
  • MG2 - Pack Projector (Large Group)

    MG2 Big Pack Projector w/Screen,Tripod,Speaker,Battery Pack,Adaptor,Cover FEATURES: •  Big projector, 600+ Lumen to support outdoor 120 inch screen •  Portable Projector Screen Blackout Cloth, 120 Inches •  60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with...
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